The Beginning of the Era of the Renaissance

Conditions leading to the beginning of the Renaissance.The Renaissance is a period in history that began around the late 13th to the early 14th century and lasted until the 17th century. It marked the end of the Middle Ages or Medieval Period with a revival of the interest in the study of culture, classical scholarship, and the arts. Indeed, “renaissance” is French for “rebirth” thus signifying that learning, scholarship, and artistry were reborn. Many historians view the period as the bridge between the Medieval Period and the Modern Age.

One of the developments of the period that helped launched the Renaissance was the invention of the printing press. This allowed the printing of books that spread ideas more widely than ever before. Also, at this time the big Italian cities of Naples, Venice, and Genoa were engaged in lucrative trade with their counterparts in the Middle East and Africa. The Italians did not only bring home silk, spices, and coffee beans, they were also exposed to the ideas of the ancient Greeks, as the Arab scholars were able to preserve ancient Greeks texts and wisdom in their libraries.

The last crusaders in the Middle East were also coming back home to Europe after the defeat of the Ninth Crusade by Mamluks. They, like the traders, brought back a different world outlook colored with different ideas and concepts.

Expanding trade with Africa and the Middle East, and the luxuries brought home by the Crusaders, helped many families acquire wealth. With money to spare, these families sponsored artists who produced the paintings and sculptures that continue to awe and impress men and women well into the 21st century.

Among such families is the Medici family in Florence. The Medicis were engaged in banking and later became the ducal ruling house. In the 15th century, Lorenzo de’ Medici commissioned works from Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Sandro Botticelli, and many other Florentine artists, making him the foremost patron of the arts during his time.

Dating the precise beginning of the Renaissance, however, is a matter of debate. Some scholars put it in the late 13th century in Florence with the writings of Dante Alighieri and Francesco Petrarca (Petrarch), and the paintings of Giotto di Bondone. Others opt for 1401 when Lorenzo Ghiberti and Filippo Brunelleschi vied for the honor of building the bronze door of the Florence Cathedral’s Baptistery, which the former won. Everybody agrees, though, that the Renaissance began in Italy.

What it Takes to be a Renaissance Man

What makes a Renaissance manThe period in history referred to as the Renaissance was a period of the resurgence of interest in the classical literature of ancient Greece and Rome as well as extensive educational reform. Owing to this, new ideas in philosophy, science, theology, sociology, and politics emerged that would transform the thinking of both the scholars and the people. The Renaissance, however, is most well known for its contribution to literature, painting, and sculpture.

Often the names of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo Buonarroti are associated with the Renaissance, both of whom are known for their famous paintings and sculptures. Both men, however, were more than just visual artists. Michelangelo was also an architect, engineer, poet, and writer. As for da Vinci, the list is even longer. Like Michelangelo, he was also an architect and engineer, but, in addition, he was a philosopher, astronomer, geologist, anatomist, biologist, physicist, and humanist. With their interests and foci covering such diverse fields, just like the Renaissance era in which they lived, they are now often referred to as Renaissance men or polymaths.

From the Renaissance era, there were many other polymaths, including Galileo Galilei (scientist, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and physicist), Blaise Pascal (mathematician, theologian, philosopher, and physicist), and Isaac Newton (astronomer, physicist, mathematician, natural philosopher, theologian, and alchemist). The United States boasts of Benjamin Franklin (author, political theorist, printer, inventor, civic activist, publisher, and diplomat), Thomas Jefferson (philosopher, lawyer, author, musician, botanist, naturalist, engineer, statesman, and diplomat), and Theodore Roosevelt (hunter, explorer, author, naturalist, soldier, politician, and statesman). Even such a small country as the Philippines had its own in Jose Rizal (novelist, journalist, poet, ophthalmologist, volcanologist, biologist, political scientist, painter, and polyglot).

One thing in common among such men is that they excelled in the diverse areas they were into. Their interests were not just something passing, but they actually spent plenty of time studying them in earnest. While they understood the speculative concepts of philosophy and theology, they were also quite adept at understanding the workings of the physical world. In addition, they knew how to create or at least appreciate art. Many of them were either painters, sculptors, poets, writers, singers or musicians.

During the Renaissance period, they were also expected to be athletic. This reflected the Humanist philosophy of the era that sought to develop the total man, that is, both mind and body.

Choosing Materials for Great Kitchen Floors

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the house because it is the place where you make the food that your family eats. In addition, it is also an area where family members bond through coffee and cooking. For this reason, it is very important to keep you kitchen clean and make it a comfortable place to stay in. In order to keep you kitchen clean, you should consider what type of kitchen floors you are going to have.

There are a lot of tiles which you can use for your kitchen floors. If you are on a tight budget, you can use wood tiles; however, wood tiles are not very easy to maintain. If they are spilled with liquid, they will be damaged. It is better for you to use stone tiles such as ceramics, limestone and even granite. Stone tiles are very easy to clean and they are also resistant to heat. If you want to have a very classy and elegant floor, you can use granite; however, limestone and ceramic tiles will also do if you are on a tighter budget. With stone tiles, you will be able to work in your kitchen and clean the floor in a short period of time.

Changing my Bathroom Tile Design

Since we are renovating our house, I am also redesigning my bathroom and I am starting with changing its tile design. Looking for the perfect bathroom tile design can be a difficult task but it can also be quite fun and definitely a learning experience. Through research and some help from friends, I am able to collect a number of nice tile designs that would very suit my re-designed bathroom and that would be coherent to the interior of my bedroom which is what I want.

There are a variety of tile designs to choose from but since I already have a concept of what I want, the elimination process was easier. Each design also has its corresponding price which also depends on the quality of the product and I have also noted these since I don’t want to overspend. And I can tell you, that you can get very nice designs at a very affordable price if you only know where to look and where to buy. After reviewing the concept for the finished venue that I want to see and after purchasing the tiles, they are already being worked on now. I am very excited to see my new bathroom after everything is done!

Closet Storage Solutions For My Room

My room is a little small and it has been quite a mess for a while now because I have a lot of my things scattered everywhere. I am always having a hard time looking for things that I need because of my unorganized room. I am also a little shy to invite friends to my room because it is not that orderly. For quite a time, I have been thinking that it’s the space which matters a lot and that I can no longer do anything about it. However, I read from the internet that even with limited space, we can make our room orderly if we just know the right closet storage solutions that we can utilize.

So I started looking for bright ideas to rearrange my rooms. For one, I purchased a number of boxes which designs are fit to my taste and placed similar things together in a particular box. Aside from boxes for random things, I also placed additional shelves in my closet so I can organize the different clothes, tools and other shoes together. It took me a while before finishing everything, but now, I am very happy with the results. It is easier to move around, to locate my stuff and I no longer feel shy inviting my friends over.

A Practical Choice For Bathroom Storage That People Can Use

Storage is all about being practical. The reason why people are very much concerned when it comes to picking the right storage tool is to save a lot of space. You need to choose bathroom storage cabinets which will be able to store a lot of things. This prevents the bathroom from looking messy with clutter scattered all over the area. Honestly, a neat bathroom is actually better to look at than a messy one.

The 4D Bathroom is one of the most practically bathroom storage that you can add to your home. This is made from polyvinyl which guarantees to give you a durable cabinet that will last for a long time. This has 4 shelves, a cabinet and a pull-out hamper. If there is one thing about this material, it has really maximized its use. You can store your towels, makeup, toiletries and even decorate it with a vase or scented candles. Plus, the hamper will serve it purpose to provide you with a storage for clothes that you have already use.

There is no need to look for the perfect bathroom storage. With this in your home, you will surely have a great time in your bathroom. An orderly and clean bathroom is something that most people appreciate these days.

The Role of Industrial Compressors For Sale In Companies

Heavy machinery is practically impossible to operate manually. Especially in big manufacturing companies, they invest in rather large equipment than smaller ones. These ensure that there are more products which are produced at a certain period of time. Using smaller equipment for mass production seems really pointless. The main energy sources that operate these machines are either gas powered or electric powered devices. Electricity, as you know it, can really be very expensive especially since machines run for 24 hours a day. This is why gas power, provided by air compressors, is used by most of these companies.

The industrial air compressor for sale is designed for these kinds of operations. Gas power is practically cheaper and more practical to use. Although the main concern of machine operators is the possibility of overheating. This is not really a problem anymore because most air compressors come with a built-in cooling equipment to maintain a lower temperature. One advantage of using an industrial air compressor is the smaller risk of actually breaking down during operation. Since these have been made to withstand long working hours, these can still run very effectively, providing an efficient energy source to the heavy machinery.

Shoe storage ideas for Kids

Kids hates tidying things up, this include their toys, clothes and even their shoes. When asked to choose between something impossible such as living with alien or tidying things up, kids will most definitely choose the former.

Kids find keeping shoes really boring – they have to match them up and find the space to keep them. This kind of activity is just too much for the present day kiddos, so it just about time for you to think of bright shoe storage ideas for kids.

Storing shoes should be made fun and enjoyable for kids to enjoy them. One smart shoe storage idea you do to encourage your kids is to provide them with functional shoe storage spaces. There are home appliance centers that actually have shoe storage products that are made with kids and fun in mind. Aside from being really useful, kids will find these type of products real cool. There are wood and plastic shoe racks in different designs.

Whatever design and style you choose for your kids, it is essential that they come in a lot of interesting colors and shapes to suit their taste and their room décor. Also, find something that is easy enough to assemble by themselves and let them take charge of putting things together all by themselves. Giving such responsibility to your kids will make them feel grown up and will be more encouraged to tidying their rooms, things and even their shoes.

Cheap Office Furniture San Antonio

These days, working from home is an ideal job for many. Being at home provides with you a lot of advantages, but to be able to work seriously and avoid temptations, you need to have the proper home office furniture. If you are somewhere in Texas, you can find cheap Office Furniture San Antonio with different styles and models to fit your needs.

Buying office furniture San Antonio can be an easy task once you have decided on your needs and requirements. This could be hard to mull over at first but take a look at the kind of home office job you so that you can come up with the kind of furniture that will make you more inclined to work. Consider a desk with drawers to keep your stuff, a stuff chair to keep you comfortable after long hours on your computer, a desk light maybe to help you read, these and maybe some other stuff. Once you have taken note of the furniture you need, you will realize that there are in fact a lot of styles and models of Office furniture San Antonio. Don’t forget to set a budget for the stuff you will buy and make sure that you go for quality against price to get the best value for your money.

Cheap Family vacations

Every family deserves a holiday sometime in a year. Many people saves up for such occasions to spend much needed time for relaxation with their kids and spouse. So if you are ready, you might want to start checking out the offers and deals that are currently available.

Searching online for cheap family vacations may just leave you amazed at the unbelievable deals offered by many travel companies. These days, airlines and cruises as well as hotel theme parks are offering great deals for family vacations. You can regularly find 50 less on scheduled cruise lines while there are also airline companies that offer zero fares – you only have to pay taxes and fees! Unbelievably, there are also hotels offering free extra nights if you two or three nights.

If you are thinking of planning your family vacation on your own, there are a lot of cheap choices from airlines, cruises and hotels. But if you are considering a packaged vacation that is being offered cheaply, you might want to check out first the credibility of the travel company you are dealing with. There are many companies that have substandard services and if they offer prices beyond the reasonable level, you might not get the real value for your money.

Choosing your Medicare supplements

A lot of people do not realize the value of having Medicare Supplements especially these times of financial crisis. Medicare supplements can help you secure your financial security to a certain point. If you are hospitalized, Medicare supplements can cover all or some of your hospital bills and doctor fees. This is why it is very important to choose your Medicare plans carefully.

Having no Medicare supplement at all can put you under debts by the weight of all the bills and fees. Having a Medicare supplement that covers some of your hospital bills can help you out but it can still be an extreme financial burden.

Medicare supplements come in different plans and different monthly premiums. If you want something that can cover all possible hospital bills and doctor fees, you must be ready to pay a higher premium each month. A cheaper premium may mean very limited benefits and may not cover most of your hospitalization. When considering getting Medicare supplements, there are a lot of things to think about. Study the plans offered for you before you decide on which plan to take. It would be best to take Medicare supplements that can already give you the most benefits and help your financial security.